Fueling B2B Growth With Creative Innovation

The world of B2B marketing has undergone a seismic shift in recent years—most notably driven by the digital transformation and the push toward data-driven decision-making, multichannel engagement, and customer-centric content.

In these rapidly changing times, WPP is convening some of the most influential leaders and clients in the industry for a one-day summit on Sept. 28 in New York City to envision the future of B2B. The event promises to be an insightful meeting of minds as CMOs and other executives from leading Fortune 500 companies (Accenture, Google, GE, and more) come together to explore the evolving landscape of B2B commerce.

Combining a handful of speaker sessions, peer-to-peer dialogues, and roundtable discussions, the summit will focus on applying innovative and imaginative approaches to the evolving marketing dynamics, customer expectations, and explosion in technological tools that define the fundamental shift in B2B marketing. EssenceMediacom will release results from its new Global B2B CMO survey, which highlights the evolution of B2B, the role of the CMO, and how they are tackling the biggest barriers to transformation.

In-depth sessions will cover the following topics:

The Evolution of B2B Decision-Making

From the blurring of traditional communication channels, the rise of B2B influencers, and a strong emphasis on driving differentiation to stand out in a competitive marketplace, B2B decision-making has undergone significant changes in recent years.

Making B2B More Human

Adding some H2H to your B2B: Humanizing your B2B marketing approach is essential to connecting with audiences, building trust, and differentiating your brand.

The Next Generation of B2B Experiences

We’ve only just begun to tap into the potential of big data and generative AI to improve personalization, customer engagement, and the overall efficiency of the B2B experience.

Be sure to check back on the day of the event. We’ll be live blogging to capture highlights and insights from our impressive line-up of leaders convening to reimagine the future of B2B marketing.